Calling all playwrights for our #MeTooPlayFestival script competition

The 2nd Act Players will stage a #MeTooPlayFestival for two weekends this May and is holding a script competition to seek out short scripts for the festival that focus on women dealing with key 2nd Acts and major issues in their lives. Playwrights are invited to send their short script (20 pages or less) for ...

Northminster Church continues as home for 2nd Act Players

Northminster Presbyterian Church in Evanston has agreed to allow the 2nd Act Players to produce its new season in the church theater, marking the third year the 2nd Act Players will be staging plays at the church in northwest Evanston. "We are so thrilled to call Northminster home for our 2018 season," says 2nd Act ...

Happy New Year from the 2nd Act Players

The 2nd Act Players had an amazing year in 2017; our warmest thanks to all of you who made it possible. We featured 16 actors and three directors in nine works for the stage, ranging from our  staged readings of six new 10-minute plays to our one-act festival with two plays  and our fall production ...

Here’s what the 2nd Act Players gave you in 2017…your turn now

Ticket sale proceeds alone did not cover the cost of any of our productions. Indeed we would be ending this year thousands of dollars in the red if not for our sponsors and our wonderful donors.

Thank you to the cast, crew and audiences for “Moving Boxes”

Another 2nd Act Players' world premiere, the two-act family drama Moving Boxes, has drawn the curtain for the final time and so we want to thank everyone involved in the production. Finding a cast for a play like this is always an adventure. A director never knows who he or she may end up working ...

Come see why Saturday is a sellout

Audiences are raving about this story of a mother and son trying to reconnect while a granddaughter discovers the meaning of family.

Five years, five plays, wow

Moving Boxes is the fifth play I've written in the last five years. Someone had the temerity to tell me last year, "you can't keep writing a new play every year." Well, I could and I did, so there.

Julia Mitre plays Faye and Hannah Goodman plays her granddaughter Julia in "Moving Boxes" Nov. 4-19

Hear more about the dynamic new play, “Moving Boxes” in this insightful interview

Moving Boxes co-author John N. Frank and one of its cast members, Hannah Goodman, recently discussed the exciting new play that audiences are raving about with WCGO radio host Daniel French. Listen to them describe the heart of this story of the meaning of family, then click here to buy tickets for one of four ...

Opening weekend crowds rave about “Moving Boxes”

"Wonderful play, very touching story regarding family during a very tumultuous time of 9/11. Excellent, really enjoyed it."

Julia Mitre plays Faye and Hannah Goodman plays her granddaughter Julia in "Moving Boxes" Nov. 4-19

Hannah Goodman is getting noticed as she plays Julia in “Moving Boxes”

Julia begins the play as an isolated teen wondering where she fits in to her dysfunctional family. But as the show progresses, she comes to better know her grandmother, Faye, and starts to get some answers to the questions we all ask about where do we come from and where do we belong.

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