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Deal with snoring and help the 2nd Act Players at the same time

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Rehearsals are underway for "Last Days of Wonder." Pictured are Becca Russo, Julie Mitre and Christine O'Keefe

Free previews of our One-Act Play Festival this Sunday, come one, come all

Wondering what you'd see if you pluck down some cash for tickets to the 2nd Act Players One-Act Play Festival March 11-26? Wonder no more, come see us stage free previews of each of the two one-acts this Sunday, Feb. 19, at 3:15 p.m. at the main branch of the Evanston Library.

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Top 5 Ways to Show your Love for 2nd Act Players (and not spend anything!)

We like to say the 2nd Act Players are the best-kept secret on the North Shore theater scene. We've been around for five years but a lot of people haven't heard of us yet. Well, we don't actually like to say that and we're doing more than ever this year to get out the word about ...


Meet the directors of 2nd Act Players’ One-Act Play Festival

Two veterans of past 2nd Act Players’ productions will be directing plays during the 2nd Act Players’ One-Act Play Festival this March 11-26. “Our mission is to showcase new talent in stories about key 2nd acts in people’s lives. That includes new directing talent,” explains co-founder John N. Frank, who will be directing Last Days ...

Rehearsals have begun for the 2nd Act Players' One-Act Play Festival.

Meet the Casts for the 2nd Act Players’ One-Act Play Festival

The 2nd Act Players has once again assembled dynamic casts for the two plays it will be staging as part of its first-ever One-Act Play Festival March 11-26.

Rehearsals have begun for the 2nd Act Players' One-Act Play Festival March 11-26.

Meet the authors featured at 2nd Act’s One-Act Play Festival

The 2nd Act Players will be producing two plays as part of its One-Act Play festival March 11-26. The plays are Falling Into Macy by Richard Lyons Conlon, and The Last Days of Wonder by Tess Light. Playwright Conlon has been a two-term resident playwright at Chicago Dramatists and has written more than 30 plays ...

Rehearsals have begun for the 2nd Act Players' One-Act Play Festival March 11-26.

2nd Act Players return to the stage with all-new One-Act Play Festival

“These are stories audiences will readily relate to,” explains 2nd Act co-founder John N. Frank. “Falling Into Macy looks at the eternal struggles of the male-female relationship while The Last Days of Wonder looks at the vexing challenges of the mother-daughter relationship.”


2nd Act Players hits the bullseye with a Target affiliation

The 2nd Act Players started 2017 with a new website, now we have a new partner to announce as well -- giant retailer Target. Look on the right side of our site and you'll see graphics you can click to get a Target credit card, set up a Target bridal registry or a Target college dorm ...


Video comes to the 2nd Act Players, take a look

Audience members who see 2nd Act Players productions love them, really, we have the audience response forms to prove that. But we want more of you to come see us. One way to convince you all to come is to show you some of what you're missing...and that's exactly what we plan this year with ...


The 2nd Act Players unveil new website, new season

"After four years of being Evanston's and the North Shore's best kept theater secret, we plan to get the word out about the 2nd Act Players big time this year," says founder and artistic director John N. Frank.

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