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2nd Act Players’ Hannah Goodman to study acting in NYC

Hannah Goodman, who wowed audiences during the 2nd Act Players' 2017 performances of Moving Boxes, has been accepted for a summer study program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. The 133-year-old conservatory numbers among its alumni Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Robert Redford. Lauren Bacall, Danny DeVito, Kirk Douglas and scores of ...

Thank you to the cast, crew and audiences for “Moving Boxes”

Another 2nd Act Players' world premiere, the two-act family drama Moving Boxes, has drawn the curtain for the final time and so we want to thank everyone involved in the production. Finding a cast for a play like this is always an adventure. A director never knows who he or she may end up working ...

Come see why Saturday is a sellout

Audiences are raving about this story of a mother and son trying to reconnect while a granddaughter discovers the meaning of family.

Five years, five plays, wow

Moving Boxes is the fifth play I've written in the last five years. Someone had the temerity to tell me last year, "you can't keep writing a new play every year." Well, I could and I did, so there.

Julia Mitre plays Faye and Hannah Goodman plays her granddaughter Julia in "Moving Boxes" Nov. 4-19

Hear more about the dynamic new play, “Moving Boxes” in this insightful interview

Moving Boxes co-author John N. Frank and one of its cast members, Hannah Goodman, recently discussed the exciting new play that audiences are raving about with WCGO radio host Daniel French. Listen to them describe the heart of this story of the meaning of family, then click here to buy tickets for one of four ...

Opening weekend crowds rave about “Moving Boxes”

"Wonderful play, very touching story regarding family during a very tumultuous time of 9/11. Excellent, really enjoyed it."

Julia Mitre plays Faye and Hannah Goodman plays her granddaughter Julia in "Moving Boxes" Nov. 4-19

Hannah Goodman is getting noticed as she plays Julia in “Moving Boxes”

Julia begins the play as an isolated teen wondering where she fits in to her dysfunctional family. But as the show progresses, she comes to better know her grandmother, Faye, and starts to get some answers to the questions we all ask about where do we come from and where do we belong.

Where to eat when you see “Moving Boxes”

The Evanston area is awash with places to eat, but most close before you'll get out of Saturday evening shows of Moving Boxes (night shows end at roughly 9:30), so we advise you to eat before the Saturday shows. If you're coming to a Sunday matinée, plenty of places will be open after the show, ...

Dress Rehearsals have begun, come see “Moving Boxes”

Will Faye adjust to leaving her beloved New York so soon after the tragedy of 9/11? Will her son Frankie be able to reconcile with the mother who drove him away? And will granddaughter Julia discover what family really means?

Watch Julia Mitre talk about her character in “Moving Boxes”

Julie Mitre plays Faye, the family matriarch in Moving Boxes who is on stage almost every scene of the two-act play. It's a major acting challenge, but one Julie, who has been in two other 2nd Act Players production, is more than up for. A unique woman, Faye also represents everyone who finds themselves aging ...