Hannah Goodman is getting noticed as she plays Julia in “Moving Boxes”

Julia Mitre plays Faye and Hannah Goodman plays her granddaughter Julia in "Moving Boxes" Nov. 4-19

Hannah Goodman plays Julia in the 2nd Act Players’ upcoming production of Moving Boxes. She begins the play as an isolated teen wondering where she fits in to her dysfunctional family. But as the show progresses, she comes to better know her grandmother, Faye, and starts to get some answers to the questions we all ask about where do we come from and where do we belong.

It’s a challenging role for an actor, especially one still a teenager herself, but Hannah, a junior at Evanston High School, is acing the part and her efforts are getting noticed.

She’s already been featured in the Evanston Roundtable, on website EvanstonNow and in her high school newspaper The Evanstonian. And along with 2nd Act Players Founder John Frank, she was recently on French & Friends on WCGO, Evanston’s hometown radio station.

Come see Hannah in Moving Boxes Nov. 4-19, shows at 7:30 on Saturdays and 3:30 on Sundays. click here for tickets.

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