2017 New Playwrights’ Showcase — Sept. 23-24

Come and hear the work of exciting new playwrights. Be able to say you heard and saw their works on stage before they became famous!!! The playwrights who will be featured at the 2nd Act Players’ 2017 New Playwright’s Showcase this September, and their plays are (in alphabetical order):

A Little Something by Jean Waller
A pawn shop in a transitional urban neighborhood of a large city.

One Woman’s Duty by Scott Carter Cooper
Two sisters wait at the post office for their grandmother’s wedding ring.

Raisin Puffs by Andre Richardson Hogan II
Three mens’ personal observations regarding an assault on a former classmate.

Spark by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich
Joan’s been dreading this day. Her 25-year marriage with Steve has imploded, and she’s supposed to move out.

The Lady in the Woods by Hyten Davidson
A woman receives a weary hermit forced indoors as the result of a growing storm. Will they survive the night?

The Queen of Social Media by Lawrence Keller
Peter and Dana are just home from the hospital with their new-born baby, Katey. While thrilled, tensions mount as Dana seems a bit preoccupied.

As a special added attraction, a staged reading of 2nd Act Players Founder and Creative Director John N. Frank’s new short play, Peter’s Ticket Booth, also will be part of each night’s performance.

Theater veteran Genevieve Fowler will be directing the staged readings which will take place Saturday, Sept. 23 at 7:00 and Sunday, Sept. 24, at 3:00. Tickets for these special shows are only $10 each, buy yours today by clicking here.