2nd Act Players Videos — Old Ringers

Theaters around the country have shut down because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the 2nd Act Players is no exception.

But people need entertainment now, more than ever. So we have created our Video Vault Series to bring you scenes from our past productions. New scenes are being posted daily on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel.

Here, we bring you scenes from Joe Simonelli’s Old Ringers.

Broadcast with permission of Joe Simonelli.
If your group is interested in a future production please email jsimonelli2@msn.com

Meet four best friends of a certain age whose friendship buoys them through life’s ups and downs. But when retirement and an economic downturn threaten their lifestyles, they scramble to find a creative solution.

One wrong phone call and encouragement from their accountant sends them on a bold new business venture. Mix in a serious-minded daughter and a local cop, and you’ve got a winning recipe for love and laughter.

Scenes from Old Ringers by Joe Simonelli

Episode One

Diana and daughter Amanda do some verbal sparring as Diane’s friend Verna arrives…

Episode Two

With Amanda gone, Diane’s other girlfriends arrive as does her boyfriend Harry.


Episode Three

Tony gets more than he bargained for…


Episode Four

Diane and her friends try a risque new business venture…


Episode Five

Phone sex anyone…