Opening weekend crowds rave about “Moving Boxes”

Audience reviews from the opening weekend performances of Moving Boxes are almost universally positive. “Great story!” wrote one audience member.

“Very entertaining and funny, Excellent actors!” wrote another on evaluation forms which audience members are asked to fill out (the exclamation points are theirs from the written comments). “It moved me,” says another. “Loved the play, keep up the good work,” said another.

“Very fun show, very true to the reality of coping with an elderly parent. Nicely staged,” wrote another.

Moving Boxes is the story of Faye who moves from New York to Evanston shortly after 9/11 to reconnect with her estranged son and with the granddaughter she hardly knows. It examines issues of health, aging and family dynamics that everyone can relate to.

“Wonderful play, very touching story regarding family during a very tumultuous time of 9/11. Excellent, really enjoyed it,” wrote another audience member.

Come see what everyone is raving about, there are four more performances of Moving Boxes this coming Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 11-12, and the following weekend, Nov. 18-19. The Saturday, Nov. 18 show is almost sold out but plenty fo tickets are available for all the other shows, so buy your now before they’re gone by clicking here or by clicking on the ticket button on our site.

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