Five years, five plays, wow

Moving Boxes is the fifth play I’ve written in the last five years. Someone had the temerity to tell me last year, “you can’t keep writing a new play every year.” Well, I could and I did, so there.

These plays, starting with New Year’s Eve at Grandmas House, have been my life’s journey, from childhood through high school, heart disease and divorce, to saying goodbye to my parents’ generation in my latest play, Moving Boxes.

For almost 40 years as a professional journalist, I wrote for other people, to inform and enlighten them about the world around them.

These past five years I’ve been writing for myself, to leave some record behind of the life I’ve led, and, in the process, to entertain others. My sincerest thanks to all my friends and family who have come to see these plays. We have endeavored to improve every year, in the writing of the plays, in the actors we cast and in the directors with which we worked. And I think we have achieved that with our 2nd Act Players.

Audiences have been overwhelmingly positive in their evaluations of us, as have critics when we’ve been able to coax them all the way to Evanston to see us.

What’s next? I’m at a point in my life where looking ahead, which I’ve done my entire life, can get a bit depressing.

As Faye says in Moving Boxes, “we all know how this ends,” referring to her own life. After two heart surgeries in four years I try not to think too hard about how it will all end for me and so I’m trying not to look too far ahead.

All I can tell you for sure is we have one more weekend of shows for Moving Boxes and our Saturday show is sold out, so your last chance to see this moving story of family and aging is Sunday, Nov. 19 at 3:30 p.m. Click here to buy your tickets and thank you for joining us.

John N. Frank

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