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Rehearsals are underway for "Last Days of Wonder." Pictured are Becca Russo, Julie Mitre and Christine O'Keefe

Free previews of our One-Act Play Festival this Sunday, come one, come all

Wondering what you'd see if you pluck down some cash for tickets to the 2nd Act Players One-Act Play Festival March 11-26? Wonder no more, come see us stage free previews of each of the two one-acts this Sunday, Feb. 19, at 3:15 p.m. at the main branch of the Evanston Library.

Rehearsals are underway for "Last Days of Wonder." Pictured are Becca Russo, Julie Mitre and Christine O'Keefe

Top 5 Reasons you’ll love the 2nd Act Players’ One-Act Festival

The 2nd Act Players are staging two, dynamic new one-act plays this March at the Presbyterian Church Theater in Evanston --- here's why you should see them: 1. Two for the price of one...see two new dynamic plays for less than one ticket would cost elsewhere. The 2nd Act Players charge only $22. And parking is ...

Rehearsals are underway for "Last Days of Wonder." Pictured are Becca Russo, Julie Mitre and Christine O'Keefe

The 2nd Act Players are back looking at love, family and love lost

The 2nd Act Players will be taking to the stage again March 11-26, bringing you its first-ever One-Act Play Festival with two new works that look at love from very different angles. Falling Into Macy by Richard Lyons Conlon, looks at the lives of two couples, one older and falling out of love, the other younger and trying ...

Rehearsals have begun for the 2nd Act Players' One-Act Play Festival March 11-26.

Meet the authors featured at 2nd Act’s One-Act Play Festival

The 2nd Act Players will be producing two plays as part of its One-Act Play festival March 11-26. The plays are Falling Into Macy by Richard Lyons Conlon, and The Last Days of Wonder by Tess Light. Playwright Conlon has been a two-term resident playwright at Chicago Dramatists and has written more than 30 plays ...

Come to see The Institute. Buy your tickets today.

Opening weekend audiences rave about The Institute

Opening weekend audiences raved about the 2nd Act Players world premiere of The Institute, Coming of Age during the Vietnam War, calling it "extraordinary"  and "terrific," in evaluation forms filled out immediately after performances Oct. 21-23. "I got chills during the Martin Luther King scenes. Great job," wrote one. "What a compelling story," wrote another. ...


2nd Act Players nominated for Evanston Mayor’s Awards for the Arts

The 2nd Act Players, only four years after producing their first play in Evanston, have been nominated for the Mayor's Awards for the Arts this year. "We're thrilled with the nomination, especially as this is our first year in our new theater home here in Evanston at the Northminster Presbyterian Church," says 2nd act Players ...


Tonight’s the night, party, learn about the 1960s and support the 2nd Act Players!

The 2nd Act Players' 1960s soiree is only hours away, starting at 5 tonight, Saturday, at 922 Davis Street in downtown Evanston.  Stop by to have some appetizers, cookies, wine and cheese while hearing from a panel who lived through the turbulent 1960s about what that era was like. You also can bid on more ...


2nd Act Players begin work on “The Institute”

The 2nd Act Players have begun work on its fall production, the original two-act play The Institute, which looks at the lives of four young men attending military school during the height of the Vietnam War. "This is a much different look at that era than other plays have taken," explains playwright John N. Frank. ...


Help build the dream, join the 2nd Act Players

The 2nd Act Players is moving into a new theater-home at Northminster Church in Evanston and now, more than ever, we need an army of volunteers to make our productions in our new home as successful as they had been when we were only a pop-up theater renting other people's spaces to perform. Help us ...


Remembrance marks a successful co-production for 2nd Act Players

ArLynn Leiber Presser's Remembrance played to near sold-out houses for its limited three-show engagement at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center in late January. The play marked the first co-production by the 2nd Act Players and the end of the 2nd Act Players first full season of plays in Evanston. More than 170 theater goers saw one of the ...