meet nick dorado, come see him act online

Nick Dorado is new to the 2nd Act Players’ virtual stage and will be taking on the challenge of playing characters in four different plays over two weekends.

Come see Nick along with five other cast members, online Nov. 13, 14, 20, 21 at 7 p.m. For details, check out our 60 is the New 40 Festivapage. For tickets, click here.

Nick Dorado

Below, read Nick’s thoughts on acting, the challenges he faced in the festival and his hopes for the future of theater.

  1. How and why did you get into acting?

Since childhood, I have been an actor; started out performing musicals to records in my family living room then doing plays with the Chicago Park District. In high school and college, I moved toward the Forensics Speech Team. My categories were Dramatic and Humorous Interpretations and Duet Acting. Then I took a break for a long time, until a neighbor asked me to audition for a play she was doing, I have been back on the boards ever since.

  1. If you could play any character in any play or movie, who would you pick and why?

Ben in Follies: I love the music and the character is so flawed, he would be a wonderful challenge to bring to life on stage.

  1. In this festival, how are you tackling the challenge of play multiple characters in multiple plays?

I play from my age up to 78/79 years old in the four plays. It’s been a lot of fun trying voices and faces and body language to create these characters. It’s not everyday you get an opportunity like this so I feel pretty fortunate to be working with Second Act Players, especially during the pandemic. Also, playing on a green screen, acting opposite my windows or walls is certainly a learning experience. As I’ve told other cast members, now that we have learned the ins and outs of digital filming, we can market ourselves for Marvel movies….Are you listening Disney???

  1. What are your hopes and expectations for theater in a post-Covid world?

It’s my belief that we all have the same hopes and expectations, to see the theater world come roaring back to life! Audiences to be back cheering for the actors on stage and that energy being transferred throughout the theater to the point where the building itself practically glows with excitement.

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