Read about “Love in the Time of Covid-19” & its playwright

Germaine Shames’ play, Love in the Time of Covid-19, is a humorous look at what happens to a couple cooped up in an efficiency apartment because of the pandemic.


Shames is a Kilroys List playwright and recipient of her state’s Literary Fellowship in Fiction, is author of the award-winning novels, Between Two Deserts and You, Fascinating You. Shames collaborates across art forms and genres with world-class directors and composers and has celebrated premieres in New York, Chicago and Minneapolis.

Here, we ask Shames about her play, herself and her vision for a post-pandemic theater.

1. What inspired you to write this play?

In a word, Covid-19. While recovering from the virus in an atmosphere of dread and uncertainty, I felt moved to inject a bit of humor and love.

2. What do your think the audience will take away from it, what will they be talking about after seeing it?

Each audience and individual audience member is unique, so I hesitate to speculate. I hope, however, that everyone involved, both actors and patrons, will come away from the production feeling less careworn and more optimistic.

3. How and when did you start writing plays?

I was irresistibly drawn to the stage roughly seven years ago, following a varied and modestly successful career as a journalist, novelist and screenwriter. Theatre has given me a creative home and caring community where I may realize my vision of a possible world. Nothing stirs me as deeply as the current of shared excitement that runs through a live audience when a play is working its magic.

4. What do you expect from a post-covid theater scene?

New voices. New energy. I believe we are heading into a 21st century renaissance with the performing arts at its forefront. Exciting days ahead!

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