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Watch Matt Lloyd discuss his characters in The Institute

Matt Lloyd has the interesting acting challenge of playing two major characters in The Institute, Frankie and Sgt. Major Marny. Frankie is a student hoping The Institute will lift him out of the ghetto where he grew up and set him on the path to a better life. He brings an enthusiasm to everything he ...

Watch Scott Stockwell discuss his Institute character Shamus O’Malley

Shamus O'Malley comes from a  family with a long history of supporting the military program at The Institute, but the war is changing so many things, including that. Watch and listen to Scott Stockwell discuss Shamus, whom he plays in the 2nd Act Players world premiere of The Institute, Coming of Age during the Vietnam ...

Come see Chris Johnson as Landlord in Boys in the Basement.

Watch Chris Johnson discuss his Institute character, Danny Smith

Danny Smith is an empathetic, caring student at the Institute, says Chris Johnson who portrays Danny in the 2nd Act Players world premiere of The Institute, Coming of Age during the Vietnam War. Danny's views on the Vietnam War present an acting challenge for Chris, who says he's instinct is to do the opposite of ...


Watch Julie Mitre discuss her Institute character, Mrs. O’Malley

Mrs. O'Malley is a woman with a fierce love for her four sons who would do anything to protect them, even try to upend 100 years of tradition at The Institute. Mrs. O'Malley is the head of the Mothers' Club at The Institute. A group known primarily for its fund-raising prowess, the club is turning ...


Jean Waller discusses her character in The Institute, opening Oct. 21

Young Kathy is carrying a terrible secret with her, one that makes her reluctant to let any boy get close to her, let alone one as forward as young Shamus.


Meet the Men of The Institute — Patrick Brennan

Patrick Brennan starts at the The Institute with a secret that weighs heavily on him and which propels him to succeed in spite of it. He is the most serious-minded of all his friends at The Institute, and the most questioning. While others joke and act immature, he acts old beyond his young years. Come see ...


Meet the Men of The Institute — Danny Smith

Danny Smith is the most happy-go-lucky member of the band of brothers you'll meet at The Institute. The smartest kid at his suburban grade school, he finds himself looking up at many classmates much smarter than he is. Keeping up with classes and all the academic and other challenges The Institute throws his way is tough, ...