Meet Diane, the ring-leader in “Old Ringers”

Julie Mitre will be returning to the 2nd Act Players’ stage this fall to play Diane, the ring-leader of a group of friends hoping to score some much-needed cash, in Old Ringers.
Julie Mitre

The play marks the fifth time Julie will be starring in a 2nd Act Players production. She last year played Momma in New Year’s Eve at Grandma’s House, a play about the American immigrant experience written by 2nd Act Players’ Cofounder John N. Frank. Mitre holds the distinction of playing characters based on Frank’s grandmother and mother is two different plays he’s written.

Here, she talks about Diane in Old Ringers.
1. What is your character’s most memorable characteristic?
My character, Diane’s most memorable characteristic, I think is her determination.  She is willing to take advantage of a strange/different opportunity to help her economic situation and that of her best friends in order to make ends meet.
2. What are you drawing on in your own life to play this character?
Optimism, Opportunity, Adventure, and Mature Sensuality are all part of what I draw upon from my own life to play Diane.  An optimistic attitude, taking advantage of an opportunity (with a sense of adventure) that presents itself are all what I find to be what both myself and Diane have in common.  Also, as I often say, “I may be old, but I’m not dead yet” with respect to my maturing sexuality…and so with Diane there is that!
3. Will audiences leave the show loving or hating your character and why?
I think the audience will leave loving Diane, or at least feeling good about her and her unusual, comedic adventure to make money.  Also, the audience will probably be moved by the love Diane has for her daughter and the close friendship with her friends.
Old Ringers will be performed Nov. 2-17, Saturday nights at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m. at the Logan Hall Theater at Northminster Presbyterian Church, 2515 Central Park Avenue, Evanston. For tickets, click here.

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