Meet the Men of The Institute — Patrick Brennan

Patrick Brennan starts at the The Institute with a secret that weighs heavily on him and which propels him to succeed in spite of it. He is the most serious-minded of all his friends at The Institute, and the most questioning.

John N. Frank plays Patrick Brennan.
John N. Frank plays Patrick Brennan.

While others joke and act immature, he acts old beyond his young years. Come see John N. Frank portray Patrick in the 2nd Act Players’ fall production of The Institute, coming of Age during the Vietnam War, opening Oct. 21.

Frank, also is the play’s author, basing the story on his years at a Catholic military school in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood on the edge of Greenwich Village.

“The character based on me is actually Frankie, but when Matt Lloyd came in to audition, he was so impressive, I stepped aside from playing myself and picked up the Patrick role instead,” explains Frank, who is also the artistic director of the 2nd Act Players.

“So playing Patrick is a fun acting challenge. He’s actually a composite based on three friends I had during my high school years, so I’ve been picking and choosing qualities they each had (one is deceased) while also adding in some of my own from those years,” he says.

This is a very special play about a very special place, buy your tickets today and see why. Tickets for The Institute, with performances weekends from Oct. 21 through Nov. 13 are available by simply clicking this link.

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