2nd Act Players’ videos now on multiple sites, come watch

Old Ringers cast photo

Scenes from past plays performed by the 2nd Act Players are now viewable through links on two sites run by the League of Chicago Theatres and by a group called Arts for Illinois. The 2nd Act Players began posting clips from past shows in late March after having to cancel it’s upcoming May show because […]

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Please share your thoughts with us

Pundits are speculating how people will behave once the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic has past and we can leave our homes again. Will people be hungry for public entertainment events such as live theater, movies, concerts and sporting events? Or will they be reluctant to gather in large groups for weeks, months or even […]

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2nd Act Players Video Vault views top 1,000 in first 8 days

Entertainment-starved Americans are flocking to the 2nd Act Players’ Video Vault where they can watch clips from past 2nd Act Players productions. Clips in the vault, which also are available on the 2nd Act Players’ Facebook page and YouTube channel, have been viewed by more than 1,000 since the first one was posted on Facebook […]

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