Can I buy tickets for friends? Not exactly. E-mail me to do it.

The 2nd Act Players is using an online platform called Crowdcast to stream its 60 is the new 40 Play Festival.

Crowdcast was created for business meetings, so registration is fairly straight-forward, a person goes to an event page and registers, paying the fee specified.

Some of our ticket buyers last week wanted to buy tickets for friends. Crowdcast isn’t really set up for that. Each ticket has to be bought for a different email address. So one person cannot buy five tickets at one time.

If you really want to buy tickets for friends, you must enter each of their email addresses separately, which means going back to our ticket link for each person.

Also, enter your own email address last. If you buy your ticket first, when you try to buy another you’ll be told you’re already registered and will only see the event clock counting down to opening night.

Confused? Sorry about that, if you want to buy tickets for several people, just e-mail me at We can arrange for your payment and then I’ll enter all the guest emails through my hosting portal.

Such are the discoveries we’re making as we move from in-person to online performances.

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