Meet robin baron, author of “About Time”

Robin Baron’s produced plays include: Mother’s Day, Seoul Players, Seoul, Korea (2019); Gus, Otherworld Theatre, Chicago, IL (2019); About Time, 4th Street Theater, Chesterton, IN (2019); Bruce, Funhouse IV, Seattle, WA (2018); and Downsizing, Stage Left, Spokane, WA (2018).

Robin’s plays have been part of Page to Stage at The Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C. (2014-2019). She is a member of The Dramatists Guild and lives in Bethesda, MD.

Robin Baron

Come see us perform Robin’s About Time, along with seven other short plays, online Nov. 13, 14, 20, 21 at 7 p.m. For details, check out our 60 is the New 40 Festival page. For tickets, click here.

Here’s what Robin has to say about her play and her thoughts on theater during the pandemic and beyond.

1. How do you describe the essence of your play to those who haven’t seen it?

Jim’s Watch and Clock Store is about to be sold to a developer. However, Diane helps Jim find a new way to spend his time.

2. What was your inspiration to write this script?

Several things: I love old watch and clock stores that are stuffed with old timepieces. While in these old shops, I like looking at the ancient clocks with their beautiful designs and intricate interiors. I especially enjoy those clocks that chime on the hour with varied musical chirps and tones. Also, I liked the idea of an older couple finding romance unexpectedly. I combined all of this and wrote “About Time.”

3. How and why did you become a playwright?

I’ve always liked writing stories. However, I only started writing plays a few years ago. I love the immediacy of writing dialogue and then hearing the actor bring my words to life. Hearing the audience laugh at my jokes is pretty great too.

4. What are your hopes and expectations for theater in a post-Covid world?

I hope that an effective vaccine that is tested properly is available soon and that a better national approach is taken to control the spread of this virus so that we can all get back into a physical theater very soon.

5. Have you been writing during the Covid quarantine? If so, what projects do you have underway? If not, how have you been filling your days?

I found it tough at first to write during the beginning of the pandemic, since I mostly write comedies. With so much stress and worry going on for everyone, it was difficult finding things to laugh about. However, I began to slowly work on new projects. Creating something during the pandemic is a great way to relieve stress.

I would also like to dedicate the performance of my play, About Time, to the memory of my mother, Elaine Manson, who passed away on September 22, 2020.

I feel very honored that my play, About Time, was chosen to be a part of this show.

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