How to vote most effectively for 2nd Act Players’ BroadwayWorld Chicago Nominees

Winners of BroadwayWorld 2021 Chicago regional awards are being selected by popular vote on So sadly, several 2nd Act Players’ nominees are competing with each other in various categories (and with themselves in the Best Streaming Direction and Best Streaming Play categories).

To make your vote count the most here are some suggestions for voting strategies:

Best Direction of a Stream

John Frank is nominated four times in this category, for the overall production Pandemic Stories which the Players did in early 2021 and for three of the individual plays within the Pandemic stories. Our suggestion – if you vote for John, vote for him as director of Pandemic Stories, not the individual plays.  Voting for him for individual plays will just diminish his chances of winning against very tough opponents. As of Sunday, Nov. 21, John was in fourth for directing Pandemic Stories with 5% of the vote; the first-place vote getter had 43% of the vote. John also had 4% of the vote for directing [Brackets], which won’t help him overall.

Best Performer in a Streaming Play

Four 2nd Act Player actors are up for the award in this category. Pick your favorite. As of Sunday, Matt Schufreider was ahead with 25% of the total vote, followed by Nick Dorado with 8% and Val Gorman with 8% while Anne Tracy has 4%.

Best Performer in a Play

We have two nominees here but they’re competing against people who performed in live stage shows, so winning will be tough. Pick your favorite, either Brandy Miller or Manny Schenk.

Best Streaming Play

We have two nominees here, Lunch Lady by Donna Latham and What Good Did We See Today By Cathrine Goldstein. Your choice. As of Sunday, Lunch Lady was in third with 14% of the vote. The first-place holder had 18% of the vote Sunday, so the category is a close one where every vote will count. What Good Did We See Today was in 8th with 7% of the vote.

Once you vote, tell all your friends to vote, this is a popular vote, so we need to turn out the vote. Voting ends Dec. 31.

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