Come see Jasmine Richman tackle the ultimate role

Jasmine Richman will be taking on what some might think of as the ultimate role — playing God — in the 2nd Act Players’ Women’s Empowerment One-Act Play Festival May 11-26. The play A Matter of Gender asks why God can;t be a woman, and then goes on to discuss the very nature of believing in God and what that means for how we live our dailies lives.

We asked Richman, who also performed in the 2nd Act Players 2018 #MeToo Play Festival, about her role. read her answers here, then click here to buy your tickets today.

1. Do you find playing God intimidating? 
At first, oh yes, 100%. I couldn’t help but feel like a 25-year-old, white girl, might turn audiences off. After all, the “Morgan Freeman” God stereotype even rings in my head first when I imagine the rhythm and tone in which God might speak and sound. I’m definitely not anything like Morgan Freeman, I’m probably not the actor most would expect to be cast as God. However, that’s when I realized the power my duality brings to the stage and the character. I’m really excited now to challenge these social stereotypes with my fellow cast mates and see how audiences members absorb it.

2. What’s been the most fascinating discovery you’ve made about your character?
It really is just a matter of gender…: 😉

3.Will the audience leave believing your character was God or just a figment of Tad’s imagination?
That’s up to audience members to decide.

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