Yes, we are worth your time; you will enjoy yourselves at the 2nd Act Players

The 2nd Act Players’ Women’s Empowerment One-Act Play Festival is less than two weeks away and we’re wondering, as always, who will buy tickets to come see our shows.

We’re already hearing from people who have a million reasons why they can’t come and we know that, deep down, they’re really asking themselves if it’s worth their time and money to come see some little church basement theater in Evanston perform two one-act plays they’ve never heard of.

Let us answer those doubts with a true story. The 2nd Act Players recently produced a staged reading of one of its past plays in New York City. There, as in Chicago, we reached out to everyone we know to come see the show.

A friend of my wife’s did come see it, and brought her husband along. After the show, we heard that the husband, a very no-nonsense Wall Street type, had not wanted to come, he would rather have left town that Friday night for their weekend home. He assumed it wouldn’t be very good, we’re just a tiny theater from the Chicago suburbs after all, trying to do our thing in the capital of American theater.

But guess what? He loved the show, both the actors and the story we told. We beat out a night in the country!!!!

We constantly hear similar comments from people who come to see our shows here in Evanston. “This was really good,” “this was better than I expected,” “I loved the actors,” “This really got me to think,” are all common comments we hear in person and on the audience feedback forms we give out at every show.

So, please, do yourself a favor and come see our Festival, May 11-26, at Northminster Church in Evanston.  You will enjoy the performances, we have an amazing cast assembled for the two plays. And the stories in those plays will get you thinking about women’s issues, about religion, God and about how you live your life. That’s pretty good for a $22 investment isn’t it?

Click here for details on the festival, click here for tickets.


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