Come to see Phil Troyk at the 2nd Act Players


Actor Phil Troyk will be taking on a fascinating challenge in the 2nd Act Players’ Women’s Empowerment One-Act Play festival May 11-26 — he will play two different characters in the two one-act plays being presented each night of the festival. He’s also the only male actor in the combined cast, matching his acting talents to that of five very talented women.

Phil is a 2nd Act Players’ veteran, having played Sonny in New Year’s Eve at Grandma’s House in 2018, so we’re sure he’ll deliver two riveting performances in the One-Act Festival.

Intentions is the story of a woman, Katherine, trying to overcome a past trauma so she can once again find the love and joy in life. Phil plays Larry, the new man in Katherine’s life who wants to get close to her but is himself struggling with moving past a major loss in his life.

A Matter of Gender is the story of Tad, a has-been Broadway director trying desperately to make a comeback with a new play about God. An actor he wasn’t expecting appears for an audition and turns his day upside down in the process.

We asked Troyk to tell us a bit about Larry and Tad. Read his answers below, then make your plans to see him and the entire cast of Intentions and A Matter of Gender at the 2nd Act Players’ Women’s Empowerment Play Festival this May 11-26,

For more information on the festival, simply click here. To buy your tickets, click here or on the tickets button on the 2nd Act Players website.

A Matter of Gender

1. What is your character’s most memorable characteristic?

Tad, as a director of stage plays and films, generally has a driving energy sparked by creativity. He is currently despondent due to facing new challenges of keeping his productions attractive to the audiences. Somehow, Tad always seems to find a pathway when things look the most bleak. This time, his inspiration comes from a completely unexpected place.

2. What are you drawing on in your own life to play this character?

Often, I have found myself in situations that have demanded solving very challenging problems. Somehow, a way has always revealed itself. I imagine that Tad has had similar experiences.

3. Will audiences leave the show loving or hating your character and why?

I suspect that the audiences will leave being happy that Tad has gotten help to find his way, this time, but they won’t be sure he actually deserves it.


1. What is your character’s most memorable characteristic?

Larry is basically a caring person who is very dedicated to his daughter. This causes him to sometimes displace his own happiness towards what he considers to be more noble goals.

2. What are you drawing on in your own life to play this character?

I think all of us have known people who seem to consistently place the interests of others above those of themselves. Yet, figuring out how to balance the needs of others with one’s own happiness is sometimes not clear.

3. Will audiences leave the show loving or hating your character and why?

Everyone will be happy that Larry seems to have found his balance of his own and others’ happiness. Perhaps some will wonder about Larry’s true intentions.

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