Come see Sharon Kushiner play Caroline with the 2nd Act Players

Intentions is the story of a woman, Katherine, trying to overcome a past trauma so she can once again find the love and joy in life.

Caroline is the social worker trying to help Katherine on that journey. Caroline has seen a lot in her career and as she tries to help Katherine , she also wrestles with the toll her career has taken on her.

Sharon Kushiner plays Caroline, bringing empathy and caring to her role. Initial interaction between the two characters in rehearsals have been very powerful and will only get more so as show dates approach.

We asked Kushiner to tell us a bit about Caroline, asking her to respond to three questions about the character. Read her answers below, then make your plans to see her and the entire cast of Intentions at the 2nd Act Players’ Women’s Empowerment Play Festival this May 11-26,

For more information on the festival, simply click here. To buy your tickets, click here or on the tickets button on the 2nd Act Players website.

1. What is your character’s most memorable characteristic?

She has the ability to stop in the midst of all the craziness of this world and really listen to another human being.

2. What are you drawing on in your own life to play this character?

I’ve certainly had my share of being listened to by social workers! From my own life experiences of needing to talk through trauma I’ve experienced, and as my children hit their own bumps in life. My youngest sister is a social worker, and someone whose expertise and training I deeply respect. It’s nearly if not totally impossible to balance your own self-care and the care you feel you need to give to the entire world as a social worker. It’s an overwhelming job, and I have so much respect for the many people who do this necessary work day in and day out.

3. Will audiences leave the show loving or hating your character and why?

They may be initially put off by her having to speak the truth into the situation but I hope they will see her humanity peek out as she gets to know Katherine. Audience members may also react to Caroline based on their own experiences in therapy or with social workers–sometimes the trauma of whatever situation they are dealing with can bleed over into their feelings towards their therapist. They can love them or hate them as a response.

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