Come See Shannon Webber play Katherine with the 2nd Act Players

Intentions is the story of a woman, Katherine, trying to overcome a past trauma so she can once again find the love and joy in life.

Shannon Leigh Webber portrays Katherine, bringing a wonderful complexity and depth of emotion to the character. Her early work in rehearsal promises memorable performances.

Shannon Leigh Webber

We asked Webber to tell us a bit about Katherine, asking her to respond to three questions about the character. Read her answers below, then make your plans to see her and the entire cast of Intentions at the 2nd Act Players’ Women’s Empowerment Play Festival this May 11-26,

For more information on the festival, simply click here. To buy your tickets, click here or on the tickets button on the 2nd Act Players website.

1. What is Katherine’s most memorable characteristic?
Her resilience. Once she realizes she hasn’t fully recovered from her encounter, she does everything in her power to try to move on.

2. What are you drawing on in your own life to play Katherine?
Times in my life when I had to muster strength when all I wanted to do was hide away.

3. Will audiences leave the show loving or hating Katherine and why?
Hopefully audiences will love Katherine as much as I do! She’s a fighter and hopefully her story influences others to stand up and fight when the chips are down.

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