Meet #MeToo Play festival Actor Jeff Watkins

The 2nd Act Players #MeToo Play Festival stars six amazing actors, each of whom will be playing a variety of roles in our six short plays. Today, read about Jeff Watkins and then click here to buy your tickets for the festival’s final two shows Saturday and Sunday.

Jeff Watkins

1.What prompted you to become an actor?

It started in church plays, and I just loved the way it made me feel to be in front of people and perform and entertain them.

2. How are you preparing for the challenge of playing multiple characters in multiple plays during our staged readings?

I’m trying to create a backstory for each character and ask myself several questions about each one and assign them a personality and maybe a physical habit to differentiate them.

3. What feelings/thoughts have the scripts for the festival left with you?

Reading these scripts has left me with a lot of different emotions. It has made me think about situations I’ve encountered in my own life, especially Cattywampus. It has also made me take a closer look and a deeper understanding of the struggles that women go through on a daily basis.

4. What’s your favorite warm-up exercise to prepare for a show?

I like to do tongue twisters to warm up my vocal chords and enunciation and shake my whole body to get that limber as well.

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