Meet #MeToo Play Festival actor Lee Kanne

The 2nd Act Players #MeToo Play Festival stars six amazing actors, each of whom will be playing a variety of roles in our six short plays. Today, read about Lee Kanne and then click here to buy your tickets for the festival’s final two shows Saturday and Sunday.

Lee Kanne

1. What prompted you to become an actor?

I was always connected to music, playing a band and as a vocalist. When got involved early in a few musicals I was intrigued by how song in a musical was pretty much a heightened monologue. From there I started studying the Meisner Technique and it all made sense to me that, this is what I should do.

2. How are you preparing for the challenge of playing multiple characters in multiple plays during our staged readings?

Basically looking at each character, their relationships, the situation, the conflict they are going through, then try to find the part of myself that fits or relates to it.

3. What feelings/thoughts have the scripts for the festival left with you?

Not to take for granted that we are all on this planet to love and respect each other.

4. What’s your favorite warm-up exercise to prepare for a show?

Just go limp like a rag doll and shake all over with no plan.. Go crazy.. then incorporate the voice and let it do it’s thing with no agenda.

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