Meet #MeToo Play festival actor Barbara Harris

The 2nd Act Players #MeToo Play Festival will star six amazing actors, each of whom will be playing a variety of roles in our six short plays. Today, read about Barbara Roeder Harris and then click here to buy your tickets for the festival’s final two shows Saturday and Sunday.

Barbara Roeder Harris

1. What prompted you to become an actor?

Runs in my family — both parents and 5 of us 7 siblings are actors.

2. How are you preparing for the challenge of playing multiple characters in multiple plays during our staged readings?

Just as I prepare for any script — searching for clues to my character from within the script.

3. What feelings/thoughts have the scripts for the festival left with you?

#MeToo has had a profound effect nationwide and the scripts express some of the stories of people who have been speaking up.

4. What’s your favorite warm-up exercise to prepare for a show?

I always concentrate on what is the story I am going to tell because that is my job as an actor — to tell the story.

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