Ryan Hall talks about his acting career


Ryan Hall will portray Frankie in Moving Boxes, the world premiere play being presented by the 2nd Act Players Nov. 4-19.

Frankie is trying to reconnect with his mother, Faye, after many years of living apart. Frankie left home to attend college, and to find himself outside his mother’s shadow. But now, shortly after the tragedy of 9/11, he once again must confront the issues which caused him to move away years before.

What brought Ryan into acting and what would his dream role be? Read answers to those questions and more below, then buy your tickets to see him in Moving Boxes, No. 4-19, by clicking here.

1. Why did you start acting?
I honestly can’t explain what drew me to acting. I auditioned for a play in seventh grade out of the blue and was cast. It was play based on a comic strip called Funky Winkerbean. I got some laughs in the role and got hooked on that feeling of being on stage. I played a lot of sports growing up and in high school, but I always made time to do shows. I went to a great college and majored in theater. It’s all I could see myself doing. It’s a huge testament to my parents that they didn’t bat an eye when I said that’s what I wanted to do. They didn’t once try to sway in another direction. So grateful for that.

2. What’s your biggest challenge in being an actor?
The obvious choice is fear of failure. Auditioning over and over again for shows, commercials, movies, etc. and not getting them. Now that I’m older and have kids, it’s time. Finding time to do the shows and rehearse. I married a saint of a woman who allows me to do that.

3. What’s been the favorite role you’ve play so far and why?
Recently I did a one night show of a play called Love Letters. It’s a two-person play and I got to share the stage with my wife. That was an amazing experience for me. This show has been really special as well because there’s a lot of emotions at play and finding the balance in a tricky relationship has been challenging and a lot of fun.

4. What would be your dream role (in any play or movie ever done) and why?
Way too many to name, but I’ll try. Superman, my all time favorite character. I would love to do remakes of a couple of westerns I grew up watching, The Wild Bunch and Hombre. Any play by David Mamet or Kenneth Lonergan.

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