Introducing Hannah Goodman on the 2nd Act stage

Hannah Goodman, an Evanston High School junior who has studied acting at Evanston’s Piven Theatre Workshop and acted at Evanston’s Mudlark Theater, will be featured in the 2nd Act Players’ world premiere of the new two-act play Moving Boxes which will run from Nov. 4-19.

Hannah plays Julia, a granddaughter who reconnects with the grandmother she hardly knew shortly after the tragedy of 9/11 and, in the process, learns the true meaning of family.

Hannah Goodman

“Hannah’s audition was so memorable, we knew we wanted her for this key role in our play,” says 2nd Act Players’ Creative Director John N. Frank, who also is co-author of the new play. “Hannah has aspirations to study theater in college and is already looking at schools in Chicago and New York. When you see her on-stage, you’ll see she clearly has acting talent,” says Frank.

Moving Boxes opens Nov. 4 at the 2nd Act Players’ Theater in Evanston’s Northminster Presbyterian Church, 2515 Central Park Ave. Performances are every Saturday night and Sunday afternoon through Nov. 19.

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