Why I wrote “Talking with My Dad”

I've long planned to write several plays about my life, from my youth in New York, to my days living here in the Chicago area. But Talking with My Dad was not originally among those I planned. Two years ago, though, life intervened. I had severe chest pains that summer for several days and eventually ...


Meet the Sponsors of Talking with My Dad

The Evanston 2nd Act Players began in 2013 with the goal of staging new works by undiscovered playwrights looking at critical turning points in people's lives. What we do would not be possible without the wonderful backing of our sponsors, so we thank them here and before each performance. This year, Dave's Italian Kitchen will ...


Here’s a chance to support heart health by becoming a Talking with My Dad ticket buyer

Talking with My Dad is a play about heart disease and the pains it inflicts on a family haunted by it from generation to generation. It’s based on my own experience, losing my dad to a heart attack and almost dying because of a blocked artery myself. Those experiences have made me a fervent believer ...


Rehearsals are underway for Talking with My Dad

Rehearsals have begun for this year's performances of Talking with My Dad. Director Molly Mattaini working with our cast to help develop the characters you'll see on stage Nov. 15-15 and Nov. 22-23. A play begins with words on a page, but actors bring those characters to life and a great director brings out the ...


Tickets are on sale for our six November shows

Tickets are now on sale for the six performances planned for the Evanston 2nd Act Players' new production, Talking with my Dad, the story of a man facing death while haunted by the memories of his past. Buy your tickets now before we sell out, as we did for all performances of our 2013 production, ...


Watch here for ticket information

Tickets for "Talking with My Dad" will go on sale in August. Watch this space for details. Special patrons to our fund-raising campaign will have the opportunity to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public. We will be in touch with you regarding your ticket orders prior to making tickets available ...


Thank you and Happy Father’s Day

Our crowd-funding campaign is coming to an amazing conclusion today, we have not only met but surpassed our goal of $1,500 in dramatic fashion. Thank you to all our patrons at every level, your generosity and the faith you show in our acting troupe and in my play are the most amazing gifts. We pledge ...


Our crowd-funding goal is within reach

The Evanston 2nd Act Players also are in the process of incorporating as a not-for-profit arts group so we can continue presenting exciting new stage works that deal with people in transitional moments of their lives.


Carolyn’s Tribute to Her Dad

Our producer, Carolyn Calzavara, spent a great deal of time deciding what to write as a Father's Day tribute to her dad. The end product shows the result of that time and effort, it's a loving tribute to a man I have come to know and admire over the past 13 years as well. I ...


Missing my Dad for 28 Years

Today is my birthday and it will mark nearly half my life without my dad. My father died in 1986, on an Easter Sunday, while he was visiting my house. One minute we were talking and joking, the next he was gone, victim of a heart attack. Since then, not a day has gone by when I ...

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