Meet Hannah Goodman, then come see her in “Moving Boxes”

Hannah Goodman will portray Julia in the 2nd Act Players premiere of Moving Boxes Nov. 4-19. Julia is a high school student, as is Hannah at Evanston Township High School. While the youngest member of the cast, Hannah has been acting for years, having studied at the Piven Theatre Workshop and acted with the Mudlark Theatre, which does children;s theater with Evanston school. She hopes to study theater in college as well.

Come see Hannah is Moving Boxes Nov. 4-19 by simply clicking here to buy your tickets. And read about her in the Q&A below.

Why did you start acting?
I started acting because it’s a way to tell stories through another person.

What’s your biggest challenge in being an actor?
My biggest challenges would have to be having confidence when I don´t get a part. I have to stay strong.

What’s been the favorite role you’ve play so far and why?
My favorite role was a girl named Abigail. She was bossy and mean.

What would be your dream role (in any play or movie ever done) and why?
My dream role would have to be a psycho or Jane Eyre character.

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