Julie Mitre returns to the 2nd Act stage in Moving Boxes

Julie Mitre will be making her third appearance on the 2nd Act Players stage in the past two years when she portrays Faye in Moving Boxes this Nov. 4-19. She debuted with us last November as Mrs. O’Malley in The Institute, coming of age during the Vietnam War and then followed that up with her appearance in our One-Act Play Festival in March.

Read what Julie has to say about her acting career and then buy your tickets to see her in Moving Boxes, Nov. 4-19. Simply click here for tickets.

Why did you start acting?
I began performing as a dancer with Midwest Dance Theatre in Indianapolis. The freedom, beauty, movement and music felt so liberating and it gave me such pleasure to share that with the audience. But with time the body can’t compete, so I moved on to drama. I found Amy Morton’s quote to state perfectly my reason for acting, it’s what I get to do as well as with what intensity and the impact I must do when on stage and give to the audience…that is, “When you are onstage, you have license to do what everyone else has wanted to do 5,000 times, whether it’s kill, love, hate, fuck, or fly. You get to do it with no consequences. So do it all the way. Don’t ever make the audience live vicariously through you in a mediocre way.”—Amy Morton

2. What’s your biggest challenge in being an actor?

My biggest challenge in being an actor is to grasp the heart of the character early. While I get the sense of who is there, it seems to take me a while to get to “know/be” my character. It does come, but I get impatient with myself and would like that to occur sooner.

3. What’s been the favorite role you’ve played so far and why?

That’s a difficult question to answer since there have been a few I really enjoyed. However, I loved my role as Ana in THE CLEAN HOUSE by Sarah Ruhl. I loved this role because Ana is a free spirit, she laughed, danced, loved passionately, and lived life to the fullest. I also love this play because it introduced me to Magical Realism…a really cool style. And while Ana dies in this beautiful play, (and I have died or been murdered in many roles, both on-stage and in film) she died laughing in such a touching final scene.

4. What would be your dream role and why?

My dream role is to play Martha in WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOLF? by Edward Albee because it’s such a strong, intense, role with plenty of deep dialogue. And the play itself depicts an array of family disharmony, illusion, reality, ugliness, and contempt. I would love to have the challenge to tackle such an fierce and angry character.

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