Talia Langman talks about her acting career, come see her on stage

Talia Langman plays Dr. Smith in the 2nd Act Players’ world premiere of Moving Boxes Nov. 4-19.

Talia’s energy and enthusiasm for acting were so evident during her audition that the director and playwrights were able to see Talia making the doctor role, which had originally been conceived as an older, male character, into her own. She’s already brought some new insights into what makes Dr. Smith tick and how she deals with the difficult Faye in the play.

Below are Talia’s answers to some questions about her acting career. See what she has to say and then come see her in Moving Boxes, Simply click here for tickets.

1. Why did you start acting?
I began acting around my middle school years. For me it was always about freedom. The world we grow up in can feel like it’s guided by strict rules and exact measurements of success. The stage and rehearsal room always felt like playgrounds of possibilities and exploration. I took a big break from acting after high school and I didn’t return to the craft until a few years post-college. The inspiration to re-engage was similar to my introduction to the art. Acting is a medium that allows me to unlock my true self and be someone else in the same moment. This opportunity to fully express myself while embodying the experience of others is a unique gift for which I am continuously grateful.

2. What’s your biggest challenge in being an actor?
My biggest challenge is that I can often become attached to the analytical nature of the art. Through the process I can have trouble letting go and just allowing myself to experience a role because I become obsessed with getting it “right.” I think there is an inherent desire to please others in a performative role, but it is something that the actor needs to let go of at some point in order to truly inhabit a character.

3. What’s been the favorite role you’ve play so far and why?
I really enjoyed playing Mary Swanson in my graduate school’s production of Will Eno’s Middletown. Mary’s journey was filled with such positivity and strong will that I couldn’t help but fall in love with role. Eno’s writing speaks so closely to the human experience and there are still very poignant passages from that play that stay with me to this day.

4. What would be your dream role (in any play or movie ever done) and why?
My dream role is to play Olga in Chekhov’s Three Sisters. Olga is such an understated character and one that is very difficult to play. I would love the opportunity to take on this challenge and convey the pain she is going through while desperately trying to keep her family together as it is inevitably being torn apart.


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