Our Patrons

“Talking with My Dad” would not be possible except for the generosity of our amazing patrons. My personal and heart-felt thanks to all of you.

Platinum Patrons
Carolyn Calzavara
Tom Calzavara

The Utlimate Patron
Joseph Mattaini

Gold Patrons
Steve Mattaini
Naomi Joseph
Elizabeth Tracy
Nick Scarpelli
Craig Haupt

Silver Patrons
Katie McGeady
Greg LaMorte
Casie Calzavara
Chris Johnson
Victor Marsigliano
John and Carolyn Port
Bruce and Julie Keating
Rich Domenichetti
Annette and Gary Port

Bronze Patrons
Catherine Leonard
Barbara Ashley
Frank Irzyk
Ray and Lois Holdridge
Blythe Howard-Chou and Hsuan Chou

Ned Visser
Tom Mulry

Mike Apostolidis
Matthew Frank
Chris Boetig
E. McSwine
Meta Brown
Larry Gerst
Lois Haupt

My special thanks to all the Sons of Xavier (fellow grads of Xavier High School) who are helping me make my dream into a reality:Xavier

Chris Boetig ’71
Larry Gerst ’71
Ned Visser ’71
Rich Domenichetti ’74
Victor Marsigliano ’71
Greg LaMorte ’71
Frank Irzyk ’71
Tom Mulry ’71

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