2nd Act Players turn back time at Evanston History Center gala

When the Evanston History Center put out a call for actors to help it recreate a 1920s speakeasy for its recent gala, the 2nd Act Players stepped up and made it happen.

2nd Act Cofounder John N. Frank and Carolyn Calzavara took on the roles of club won Spats McGurk

and his moll Toots Rollins, welcoming guests for the evening.

The Blind Pig at the history center’s historic Dawes House was being watched by Prohibition agent Moe Smith, played by 2nd Act Players’ veteran Lee Kanne, along with two local cops players by 2nd Act veterans Phil Troyk and Jonathan Vaughn.

2nd Act Players Jonathan Vaughn, Lee Kanne, John Frank, Carolyn Calzavara and Phil Troyk, adding some excitement to the Evanston History Center gala on Saturday, Aug. 24.

The trio of lawmen eventually raided the place, threatening to take McGurk in, until some $20 bills mysteriously fell to the floor…and everyone went to the bar for a drink.

“We had a blast and it was a great way to let people know about the 2nd Act Players, which are still the best-kept theater secret in Evanston. A lot of people  thought we were from some other theater, until we set them straight,” says Frank/McGurk.

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