Who Will You Meet at Grandma’s House? Meet Bill

Julianna’s Irish boyfriend, Bill (portrayed by Jeff Watkins) grew up in the exclusive Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn,a world away from the hard-scrabble Italian neighborhood he now finds himself about to visit with Julianna.

His father had been a long-time Naval officer before starting his civilian law career, so Bill came from a professional family, much different from Julianna’s more working class roots.

Jeff WAtkins

His father even knows the Kennedy clan which is about to occupy the White House. Rather than fighting in World War II, Bill took part in the Korean Conflict, making him a different generation than the men in Julianna’s world.

He’s currently studying law, planning to follow in his father’s footsteps, but life may have other plans for him.

Come see New Year’s eve at Grandma’s House to see how Julianna’s family reacts to him. Will he be allowed to marry Julianna and what else lies ahead for him? Buy your ticket now for New Year’s Eve At Grandma’s House, with shows Nov. 3-18, Saturday evenings at 7, Sundays at 3. Simply click here for tickets.

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