2nd Act Players’ actor cast in SSP production of “The Front Page”

2nd Act Players veteran Julie Mitre has been cast to play Mrs. Grant in the Chicago-based Saint Sebastian Players’ upcoming production of The Front Page this summer. Mitre holds the distinction of having appeared in more 2nd Act Players’ productions than any other female cast member in the company’s five-year history.

She made her 2nd Act Players’ debut in 2016 as Mrs. O’Malley in The Institute, a look back at the Vietnam era, then appeared in our first one-act play festival in 2017 and in last November’s staging of Moving Boxes, playing the irascible but loving Faye.

The Front Page is a classic tale of the glory days of Chicago’s newspapers that has taken on many forms on stage and screen over the years, including a recent Broadway production that featured, among other notables, John Goodman, Nathan Lane, John Slattery and Robert Morse.

Holland Taylor, a regular on Busom Buddies, the early 1980s TV show that brought Tom Hanks to the nation’s attention, played Mrs Grant in the Broadway production.

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