14 Reasons to come to our show Saturday at 7, Sunday at 3

The 2nd Act Players’ New Playwright Showcase is this weekend and we have 14 amazing reasons for you to buy tickets and come see it — plays from seven amazing playwrights and a cast of seven awesome actors to perform them.

I was at a rehearsals Thursday night and was blown away by how quickly our actors are picking up the characters in each play and bringing their stories to life. I’m doubting most of you have ever seen something like this — seven short plays with seven great actors all in one 90-minute performance — and all for only 10 bucks a ticket if you buy online instead of waiting until you show up at our door, which is at 2515 Central Park Ave., Evanston inside Northminster Presbyterian Church.

Here are those 14 reasons again, first our cast:

Linda Del Bosque, Shaun Evans, Emma Fondell, Mark Lazar, Liz Lauren, Nicholas Richardson and Andre Teamer. 

And our plays and their playwrights:

A Little Something, Jean Weller 
One Woman’s Duty, Scott Carter Cooper
Raisin Puffs, Andre Richardson Hogan II 
Spark, Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich 
The Lady in the Woods, Hyten Davidson 
The Queen of Social Media, Lawrence Keller 
Peter’s Ticket Booth, John N. Frank 

We’re going to ask you to vote for best of show, so we’re empowering you too, you’ve got to come for that!

Just click here and buy your tickets, use the pull down menu to pick a show, either Saturday at 7 or Sunday at 3.

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