Top 5 Reasons to come see our New Playwrights Showcase Sept. 23-24

Haven’t bought your tickets for our 2017 New Playwrights’ Showcase yet? OMG what are you waiting for? Maybe the top 5 reasons to come? So here they are:

  1. Seven, count them, seven playwrights for the price of one. Each show features short plays from seven playwrights you may have never heard before. That’s exciting theater.
  2. You’ll find out what a “staged reading” is. Ever hear that term before? Most haven’t, so coming will put you in the know. Staged readings means the cast has scripts in front of them and there is no scenery or scene changes. They simply act out the play as they read the dialogue.
  3. Become trendy without even trying. One of the seven plays, The Lady in the Woods, is headed straight from the 2nd Act Players to New York for an off-Broadway performance. From there, the sky’s the limit and you can say you saw it first. How culturally cool will that make you? Very.
  4. Evanston is a blast to visit. Evanston consistently gets rated as one of the best places to live, and visit, in the country. So come early or stay late and explore the town after seeing some amazing theater.
  5. You’ll meet the playwrights. They’ll likely be at the shows and you can meet them. OR if you already know one or more of them, come show your support and be a good friend (not a bum who ignores your creative friends and never shows your support…oops I’m projecting, sorry)…but you get the idea, come support your friends.

So, click here to buy your tickets, they’re only $10 if bought in advance, but $15 at the door on show nights. Shows are Saturday at 7 and Sunday at 3, buy yours today.

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