Meet Jean Waller, then come see her play Sept. 23-24

Jean Waller’s play, A Little Something, begins in a pawn shop in a transitional urban neighborhood of a large city.

To find out more about it, come to the 2nd Act Players’ 2017 New Playwrights’ Showcase Sept. 23-24. Jean’s play is one of seven chosen for staged readings at our showcase this year.

Buy your tickets today by clicking here or click on the ticket button on our site. And to entice you further, here are Jean’s answers to questions we asked all our winning playwrights:

  1. When and why did you start writing plays?
    1. I have probably been imaging them in my head for most of my life but it didn’t occur to me to try and put them down on paper until I married a writer. He told me you just have to tell the story you want to tell and not worry whether anyone likes it, gets it, or wants to produce it. You can worry about that later. Just enjoy the writing first.


    2. 2. What do you expect the audience to feel after hearing your play at our showcase?
      I don’t want to set up expectations. I want to be surprised.

      3. Do you have a favorite character in your play and why or why not?
      Consuela for her humor.

      4. What’s the one technique that helps you get past writers’ block?
      It takes me a long time to write something, partly because I don’t have a lot of time to devote to it, so time is more an issue for me than writers’ block. At least so far. A singing teacher I had once told me, re learning the craft, it takes what it takes and you can’t rush it. So I try to not to worry about it too much if I get stuck.

      5. What’s something most people don’t know about you that you’re now ready to share with the world?
      I am much nicer and more fun than my Facebook page would lead you to believe.

      Jean also is a veteran of the 2nd Act Players’ stage, having appeared in our 2016 production of the Vietnam-era play, The Institute.

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