Support the 2nd Act Players with a charity auction donation!!!

Ticket sale proceeds do not cover the total costs of running even a small theater company such as the 2nd act Players, which is why we reach out to local businesses who understand that people enjoy shopping and doing business with establishments that support the local arts scene here in Evanston.

We have many wonderful sponsors who buy ads in our show programs, but we also have found that our small business neighbors along Central Street and throughout Evanston prefer to support us by donating items or services to our charity auctions and we are very, very grateful for such donations.

We’re in the midst of again soliciting donations for our Fall 2017 Charity Auction which will take place during our November performances. 2nd Act Players’ founder John N. Frank will be visiting with many business owners in the coming weeks. You can save him a few steps, and show your customers and 2nd Act Player audiences that you support the local arts scene, by simply filling out the form below to make a charity auction donation.

Already, the Timeline Theater in Chicago has donated two tickets for the auction. Past auction donors, who we thank from the bottom fo our hearts and patronize ourselves, include The Paper Source, Temperance Beer Co., Few Spirits, the Hilton Orrington/Evanston, the Celtic Knot Public House, Backlot Coffee, Happy Husky Bakery, Harold Hardware, the Great Frame Up on Central Street, the Spice HouseAim & Ailie Boutique, Orangetheory and OrganizeMe’s Karen York.

2nd Act Players Fall 2017 Charity Auction Donation Form

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