A 2nd Act Players’ spotlight on — Julie Mitre

Julie Mitre has graced the 2nd Act Players’ stage twice in the past two years, first in The Institute and then as a dying mother in our early 2017 one-act play Last Days of Wonder.

Writing us in late May, Julie tells us today “I am more involved with my role as Artistic Associate with Akvavit Theatre [Chicago]. Last month I did a scripted reading of The Mammoth for International Voices with Akvavit. Also another upcoming scripted read of Peter Malmo a cooperative project between Collective el Pozo and Akvavit Theatre will be in June.”

Thanks and all the best Julie!

Since its beginnings in 2013, the 2nd Act Players (which wasn’t officially called that until 2014) has seen more than 40 actors perform in the seven plays it either produced or co-produced. In this, our fifth year, we thought it would be fun to see what those actors have been up to lately, so we reached out and heard from several.

We’ll keep posting these throughout the year as we hear from more or see what they’re up to on Facebook. And we thank them for all their hard work with us.

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