The Final Weekend — Come See What Audiences Are Raving About!!!

The 2nd Act Players’ One-Act Play Festival has only THREE MORE PERFORMANCES this weekend, March 24-26. You still have time to come and see two one-act plays that audiences have been raving about.

“Great, true to life and true about marriage, siblings and the death of a parent” wrote one audience member who attended a recent performance at the 2nd Act Players’ Theater in Northminster Church, Evanston. “Loved both.”

“Good dialogue, good acting,” wrote another.

“The whole cast was outstanding!!” said a third audience member. Audience members at each show are asked to fill out evaluation forms on the two plays being performed.

“Funny, sad and real,” wrote yet another audience member who rated the performances “Excellent.”

“This is our sixth production since 2013 in Evanston and audience feedback has been the most universally positive we’ve ever received,” says 2nd Act Players’ Cofounder and Creative Director John N. Frank.  “Everyone is saying they would recommend the festival to friends and that they would attend a future 2nd Act Players’ production.”

You still have time to see the festival. Two one-act plays are performed each show, so your one ticket allows you to see two plays in one evening or afternoon.

The first, The Last Days of Wonder, looks at the relationship between an ailing mother and her two adult daughters, tackling very difficult end-of-life issues. The second play, Falling into Macy looks at two couples, one falling out of love, the other never quite falling into love, examining the challenges of love in our modern age.

Together, the plays last about an hour and a half and there’s a 20 minute intermission, so your stay will be about two hours.

For more details on the festival, like where to park, where the theater is, click on our FAQs.

To buy your tickets today, simply click here.  Shows are Friday night at 7:30, Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday afternoon at 3:30.

“We had to bring in extra seats for last Sunday’s show, so I’d urge people to get their tickets in advance,” says Frank. “We want to be set up with enough seats for everyone who plans to come.”




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