Free previews of our One-Act Play Festival this Sunday, come one, come all

Wondering what you’d see if you pluck down some cash for tickets to the 2nd Act Players One-Act Play Festival March 11-26? Wonder no more, come see us stage free previews of each of the two one-acts this Sunday, Feb. 19, at 3:15 p.m. at the main branch of the Evanston Library.

And then get the chance to be a playwright yourself. After we do our short scripted scenes, we’ll be asking audience members what they think happens next and using our improv skills to act those suggestions out. Who else offers you interactive show previews? Nobody, that’s who, so come one, come all. You can register on the library site, or just come to the event and sign-in there.

The library is located at 1703 Orrington Ave. in downtown Evanston. We’ll be in the community room on the first floor from 3:15 to 4:30.
The plays:

Rehearsals are underway for "Last Days of Wonder." Pictured are Becca Russo, Julie Mitre and Christine O'Keefe
Rehearsals are underway for “Last Days of Wonder.” Pictured are Becca Russo, Julie Mitre and Christine O’Keefe

Falling Into Macy by Richard Lyons Conlon, looks at the lives of two couples, one older and falling out of love, the other younger and trying desperately to find love. Flitting between them is Macy. Is she love personified? Hope? Male lust? The voice of reason? Come see the show and you decide.

The Last Days of Wonder by Tess Light looks at the love between a mother and her two adult daughters. Mother has lived a wild life, traveling all over the world while leaving the raising of her daughters to others. But late in her life, she wants them near to discuss what could very well be the last decision she makes on this earth. Will her daughters put their own sibling rivalry aside to obey their mother in her hour of need? Come and find out.

Both are the winners of the 2nd Act Players’ 2016 One-Act Script Competition, judged the best of more than 60 entries. Each deals with significant 2nd acts in their characters’ lives and both will showcase dynamic new talent on stage, in keeping with the mission of the Players. Both also are written by playwrights with Chicago connections.
“These are stories audiences will readily relate to,” explains 2nd Act co-founder John N. Frank. “Falling Into Macy looks at the eternal struggles of the male-female relationship while The Last Days of Wonder looks at the vexing challenges of the mother-daughter relationship.”

The Last Days of Wonder also will represent the first all-female cast play to be done by the 2nd Act Players.

Tickets for the shows, one ticket gets you in to see both shows the same evening, are available on One $22 ticket means you will see both shows which will be presented consecutively each evening. Click here today to buy your tickets.

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