Come see Stephen Cavill as Dan Shanower in Remembrance

Stephen Cavill got into acting because he not only enjoys being on stage, but he also likes “emotionally impacting others,” he says. His favorite role to date has been as a detective in a school play in his younger days.

Come see Stephen Cavill is Remembrance, Jan. 29-31.
Come see Stephen Cavill is Remembrance, Jan. 29-31.

When asked what his ideal role would be in any film or play ever made, Stephen went big, saying he might love to play Maximus in Gladiator. Watch out Russell Crowe, if there’s a prequel coming, Stephen may be auditioning to play the younger you, maybe in the days when you were a mere Centurian!

Of his character in ArLynn Leiber Presser’s Remembrance, Stephen says simply, “Dan misses his son.”

As with many characters in Remembrance, Dan is based on a real person, in this case someone who died in the Pentagon attack of 9/11.

Come see Stephen and the entire cast of Remembrance, which opens Jan. 29th at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center in Evanston with performances on Jan. 30 and Jan. 31. The show is being co-produced by the Evanston 2nd Act Players as the second play of its 2015-2016 season.

Buy your tickets today by clicking this link to Remembrance on Brown Paper Tickets. With only three-performances, this special, limited-run engagement is likely to sell out fast, so don’t delay, buy your tickets today.




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