Boys in the Basement thanks all our sponsors

Boys in the Basement would not have been possible without the support of all our sponsors, please patronize them — and tell them you saw their ads in our show programs and here on our website.

Come see the cast of Boys in the Basement.
Come see the cast of Boys in the Basement.

E2 is a dramatic new set of two luxury apartment buildings in downtown Evanston, not far from the first place I ever lived in Evanston, a Northwestern graduate student dorm. But E2 is no dorm, but rather a sleek and stylish new addition to the Evanston luxury apartment scene.

First Bank & Trust is the bank we use for the 2nd Act Players and a bank I have had an account at for many years. It’s always heartening to see a local financial institution do well while doing good in its community, which First Bank certainly does.

Duxler Tires has been a go-to place for auto repairs for many, many years. When I bought my son his first used car back in the early 2000s, I took it to Duxler to get a  detailed examination of its mechanical state.

Magnetik Technology has a device you are going to want to own, a way to easily secure your electronic devices at home or on the go.

Rich Haskell at Wells Fargo has been my financial advisor for many, many years, helping me grow college funds for both my children from when they were each born until they each finished their college educations.

Dave’s Italian Kitchen has been and remains my favorite Italian restaurant on the North Shore, serving the type of hearty Italian fare I grew up with while also adding new dishes to reflect changing tastes. We’ve had many celebrations there and will continue to do so.

Jerry Alt, our show photographer, has done a masterful job of capturing the drama, comedy and tragedy of Boys in the Basement in his array of wonderful photos of the show. Check his Bordeaux Studio website site for all your photo needs.

John Frank



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