Boys in the Basement is going on the air with Flabby Hoffman

Tune in today, Saturday, at 1 p.m. central time, to AM 1680 (or listen online, it is Internet radio, after all) as we talk about Boys in the Basement with entertainment personality and man about town Flabby Hoffman.

“Once is not enough with Flabby,” says 2nd Act Players cofounder John N. Frank who will again appear on Flabby’s talk-fest this Saturday along with Boys in the Basement director Mary Reynard.

Come November, the Boys in the Basement will be sitting in these very chairs, trying to rebuild their shattered lives.
Time for a sit-down with Flabby Hoffman.

“Flabby is unique, I can’t wait to see what he throws at us this time,” after some of his posse asked for radio improv on the last visit, Frank notes.

Whatever comes up, Frank will be trying to talk about his latest play, Boys in the Basement which opens Nov. 6 in Evanston. Tickets are on sale now, buy yours today before the Flabby-sparked rush takes place.


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