Talking with My Dad: Meet Amanda

Amanda and I met at a Piven Theatre Workshop class dealing with an actor’s use of voice and bodily movement. It was a fantastic class and it was there Amanda’s love of Shakespeare revealed itself to us all, as she did a Shakespearean monologue, a massive challenge for any actor.

I have since seen the range of her talent during our rehearsals as she’s become our Nurse Strickland. Her official bio:


Amanda SubbaRao has rediscovered her love of acting over the past several years, and has participated in a variety of Piven Theatre Workshop classes, as well as a series of single-play Shakespearean scene studies with Susan Hart and Jeffrey Carlson. Amanda works in educational publishing, and helps to run an online literary magazine and writing community, and has been exploring ways of using physical acting techniques to improve her fiction writing. Amanda still hasn’t quite figured out what she wants to be when she grows up–her current dream is to become the first Shakespearean actor on Mars.

To read about our other cast members, check out our cast page. And buy your tickets now for one of our six performances Nov. 15, 16, 22, or 23rd. Just click here.

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