Making “Talking with My Dad” Meet Nurse Strickland

Nurse Strickland is a veteran of the cardiac unit at our fictional St. Francis Hospital, the setting for Talking with My Dad. She has seen it all in her many years in healthcare, the good, the bad and the ugly.

A bit world-weary from it all, she carries on out of a sense of duty and routine but her patience for patients and know-nothing hospital staffers has worn exceedingly thin over the years.

Amanda Subbarao portrays Nurse Strickland.
Amanda Subbarao portrays Nurse Strickland.

While appearing stern and doctrinaire to colleagues and patients, she views herself as a caregiver and guide for people during some of the most stressful moments of their lives. Calming people is not her forte, caring for them and getting their health to a better place is.

See how she reacts to recalcitrant patient Frankie, and his wife Alice, during Talking with My Dad, our one-act play about life, death, fathers and sons, Nov. 15-16 and Nov. 22-23. Simply click here to buy tickets to one of our six performances.

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