Making “Talking with My Dad” Meet Nurse James

Nurse James is a night nurse at our fictional St. Francis Hospital, the setting for Talking with my Dad. He has seen and heard it all during his many years at the hospital where he was himself born.

Rather than become hardened by his experience, as have some of his colleagues, he has adapted a wider world view that extends beyond the concrete and the here and now, into the next world and the life beyond the one we lead here on this humble planet.

He has seen and heard things others might have a hard time believing. He knows the hospital at night becomes a different place, a way-station for all those who have passed through it over the decades.

Randy Fisher portrays Nurse James.
Randy Fisher portrays Nurse James.

See how he reacts when angry patient Frankie tells him about some of his unexplained night activities in his solitary hospital room. Simple buy your tickets now for Talking with My Dad by clicking here and selecting a date and time you’d like to attend. Performances are Nov. 15-16 and Nov. 22-23.

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