Making “Talking with My Dad”: Meet Dr. Chasen

Dr. Edward Chasen is the head of cardiac surgery at our fictional St. Francis Hospital, the setting for Talking with My Dad. He’s been a surgeon for almost 40 years, a man widely respected in his field, known throughout the country for some of the heart surgery break-throughs he’s pioneered over the years.

But hallway gossip has started that maybe the good doctor is reaching the end of the road, maybe he’s lost a step or two in the operating room these days. Age gets to us all, the doctor may be no different.

He, of course, publicly scoffs at such blather, but in his quiet moments, he wonders what life holds in store for him.

John N. Frank, playwright, cast member
John N. Frank, plays Dr. Chasen.

A man of science and exactness, he relaxes by handtieing fishing lures and building miniature ships in bottles, both designed to keep him mentally and physically focused on the detailed work he has to do every day in the operating room.

The good doctor does not suffer fools gladly and has seen more than his share — people who ignore their health then are surprised when it comes back to haunt them in the form of heart disease, stroke and worse.

Can he save our title character? Does he still have the skills that once made him the toast of the medical world? Come to see Talking with my Dad, a dramatic one-act look at issues of life, death, fathers and sons, to find out. Tickets are now on sale for our performances Nov. 15-16 and Nov. 22-23, Click here to buy yours today.

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