opening weekend audiences rave about ’60 is the new 40′

Opening weekend audiences raved about the 2nd Act Players’ 60 is the New 40 Play Festival, calling the four short plays streamed online heart-warming, clever and entertaining. They also applauded the 2nd Act Players’ tech savvy in digitally placing actors in the same video rooms through video editing and green-screen acting.

“You demonstrated so much tech savvy. It came out better than I ever would have expected,” wrote one audeince member in the ongoing chat that took place during and after the shows.

“I enjoyed! I was not expecting the green screen – which add another dimension – most of the “local theater companies” here are going the Zoom reading route,” noted one audience member who watched from New York.

A second weekend of short plays will conclude the festival Nov. 20 and Nov. 21, For details and tickets, click here.

Other audience comments from the first weekend:

Looking forward to next weekend’s shows!

Enjoyed the plays and look forward to next week’s plays!

Thanks for sharing your talents and bringing smiles to faces!

This is very clever! Enjoying very much!

Very sweet plays at a time we all need something like this.

Very heart warming plays!

Thanks for keeping theatre alive!

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